Achieving better outcomes with clear objectives

There are many advantages to undergoing comprehensive strategic business planning, such as improved resource management and better knowledge of your customers and employees.

However, one of the most critical benefits that many organisations realise through strategic planning is that it allows them to set clear and quantifiable goals for the future.

Most decision makers will understand the value of setting goals and having objectives as an individual, but did you know that taking this step can also have considerable benefits for collaborative work as well?

Better collaboration through shared objectives

According to a study published by the transdisciplinary Interacting Minds Centre (IMC) at Aarhus University in Denmark, setting group goals can significantly enhance a collective’s chances of achieving success.

Aarhus University postdoctoral scholar Panos Mitkidis says that establishing goals and objectives as a group leads to better levels of cooperation and trust between partners, due to the fact that each individual understands the shared expectations of the situation.

“What we found was that when people know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing as members of a team, they are more willing to trust each other and cooperate more in the future,” said Mr Mitkidis in a statement.

Mr Mitkidis put forth the image of a couple cooking in the kitchen as an example of how shared goals can lead to better outcomes. If both individuals understand what they are cooking and what they are trying to achieve, it is far more likely that they will have a successful result.

“Knowing exactly what our goals are actually appears to increase our perception of cooperation, trust and shared expectations,” explained Mr Mitkidis.

“In fact, the study showed that when the people involved could see the end product they felt they were sharing a collective goal and were therefore more willing to trust and cooperate with their colleagues.”

Setting goals through strategic planning

If your organisation is currently struggling to set achievable goals for the future, now may be the time to consider strategic business planning.

Strategic planning is a comprehensive, productive and cost effective way to grow your business, and allows you to identify the tools and resources available to you at this time, as well as the ideal direction to take your organisation in.

By undergoing strategic planning, you can establish goals that are not just comprehensive and achievable, but also flexible and able to be adjusted based on a range of external influencing factors.

With these goals in place, you will find that your employees – from higher level executives to ground floor staff members – have a better insight into the direction of your business.

In many cases, this will enable them to work together more efficiently towards a common goal. At the same time, the individuals involved will develop a greater level of confidence and trust in their organisation.

The result is that your business will, in many cases, see improvements in collaboration and productivity, as well as to employee wellbeing and confidence. This will set your business on the path to ongoing success.