Strategic Planning is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to lift performance. This key business skill is about much more than growth and profit. Planning directs your effort and resources where they’re best spent. Capacity improves and so do your business decisions.


Every business needs to plan. Even if you’re a big fish in a little pond. Strategic planning turns your thinking around. Rather than reacting to everyday events and pressures, vision turns to the future. By concentrating on what’s important, you actually create the capacity needed to:

  • Generate strong business growth,
  • Make better business decisions,
  • Re-energise your workforce,
  • Improve your customer service,
  • Own a secure market position,
  • Create lasting business value.

Ideally, Strategic Planning is something your business does consistently. The most effective plans roll out over the course of the year. They set a program of regular tasks, checks and balances. So your stakeholders and employees stay focused on the job at hand.


You really can’t afford not to be planning. That doesn’t mean an enormous time imposition. We’ve stripped back Strategic Planning to four key steps. Naked Consulting hones in on your plan to create a model tailored to your business that:

  • Cuts down on administration,
  • Keeps reports to a minimum,
  • Speeds up decision making,
  • Represents value for money.

Most importantly, this unique formula drives sales and market share for your business.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Structure
Find the simple, cost-effective ways your business framework can add value, lift sales and boost revenue.

Step 2 – Guidance
Gain the support of management and key personnel to take ownership, promote innovation and drive results.

Step 3 – Analysis
Create practical, results-focused methods for executives to review performance that keep reporting to a minimum.

Step 4 – Discovery
Use our expertise and know-how to explore the prospects, opportunities and innovation open to your business


  1. What size business should have a Strategic Plan?
    Every business needs to plan. In fact, smaller businesses often achieve dramatic results. That’s partly because a plan keeps you focused.
  2. How would planning benefit my business?
    A business plan helps you deal with today’s dynamic and changing marketplace. Good plans are flexible enough to deal with uncertainty and still keep you on track.
  3. What does planning involve?
    True strategy is unique to each individual business. Some key areas a plan touches on include people, finances, resources and measurement.
  4. Who gets involved in planning?
    Implementing a plan without your team’s support is just not feasible. Involve them in the process and you’ll be amazed what can be achieved.
  5. What does Naked Consulting know about my industry?
    The Naked Consulting team is experienced across most Australian industry sectors. We don’t claim to be experts … that’s your job. Our speciality is helping you achieve growth.

Planning is really the first step on your journey of growth. That road may lead to Capital Raising, International Expansion or even Franchising. So it’s good to know Naked Consulting travel with you.
As with all our services, that means straight-talking advice with proven outcomes. Discover why small and medium business in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth rely on us for:

  • Robust Business Planning and Strategy,
  • Reliable Capital Raising and Venture Capital,
  • Angel Investment, as a lending alternative,
  • Help with establishing Franchise networks,
  • Advice on expanding into a global business.

Our clients are just like you. They may be an entrepreneur or owners of a family business. But one thing they all have in common is a vision of the future that includes a healthy, growing business. Find out how Naked Consulting can help you achieve that too.

Naked Consulting provides leading consultant services in the areas of Business Planning, Capital Raising for Venture Capital (VC), angel investment or as an alternative to business loans, how to franchise a business and advice on how to grow an international business through global expansion for small business, medium business (SME business) in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Adelaide and Perth – all with proven outcomes.

So if you are an entrepreneur, small business or medium business and looking for advice about business planning, business model, mentoring for small business, how to franchise in Australia, franchise agreements, business angels, securing venture capital, private equity or international business expansion contact us today for a friendly and confidential chat.