These days nearly every business has global potential. That makes international expansion less a decision to enter overseas markets. It’s more leveraging the speed-of-light technology and unprecedented change that have put the world on your doorstep. Spreading your business across several markets can deliver strong growth and offset risk. But a lot is at stake. So it’s important to know the pitfalls in order to grasp a global advantage.


Expanding internationally can be a game changer. In fact, a successful strategy delivers outstanding growth and profit results. Going overseas lets you take advantage of gaps in the market. That’s important in today’s world economy, where only the strongest survive. That might sound risky, but going global has enormous benefits too:

  • Rapid growth in sales, profit and capital for reinvestment,
  • Chance to establish smart and diverse revenue streams,
  • Spread risk and shield your business against market shifts,
  • Genuine prospect of improved return on investment,
  • A world of new business investment opportunities


Expanding internationally is like taking an overseas trip. There are things you must have in place before heading abroad. Plus, like any smart traveller, you’ll have ticked off a long check-list. Naked Consulting and our network of global advisors have the support and guidance you need to:

  • Thoroughly explore your prospective market,
  • Test consumer response to products or services,
  • Ensure your business meets regulatory requirements,
  • Create a flourishing import or export business.

Going global promises greater reward. But the risks are higher too. This is one time your business advice will definitely pay for itself. Professional advice gives you access to business incentives and trade support, both in Australia and overseas.
We look at international expansion like this:

Step 1 – Location
Consider various countries before deciding which location is preferred and best fits your strategic plan.

Step 2 – Audience
Find out about prospective consumers, their needs and reaction to your products or services.

Step 3 – Logistics
Know any local regulations in your country of choice, including leasing, employment and product laws.

Step 4 – Guidance
Rely on our advice for access to any trade programs, business investment and government support.


  1. How do I finance an international expansion?
    Not every business has capital in reserve to inject into global growth. But raising funds is one of our specialities. Ask us about venture capital.
  2. What government resources are available to me?
    Typically, governments are strong supporters of trade. Your business may be able to access financial or trade support in Australia and overseas.
  3. How do I know I comply with international trade tax and laws?
    That’s why you choose Naked Consulting. Together with our global network of advisors, it’s our job to inform you of legal obligations as well as local and international regulations.
  4. Will I need to incorporate a company overseas?
    That depends on the location where your business is expanding. Some countries require a local partner for company registration. It may be best to use another entity at first.
  5. Where do I expand?
    It really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

International expansion offers exciting growth potential. To maximise the benefits, going global should be well planned and executed with the highest diligence. Who knows, soon you might even be Raising Capital or creating a world Franchise. Whatever comes next, Naked Consulting is beside you all the way.

In every case, you’ll find Naked Consulting offers practical advice with proven results. That’s why medium sized and small businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra rely on us for:

  • Robust Business Planning and Strategy,
  • Reliable Capital Raising and Venture Capital,
  • Angel Investment, as a lending alternative,
  • Help with establishing Franchise networks,
  • Advice on expanding into a global business.

Naked businesses are just like yours. They can be owned by entrepreneurs, families or partners. But they’re all alike in one way: a vision of the future that includes a healthy, growing business. Find out how Naked

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